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Terms & Conditions

Jungle Adventure Playground Rules

• Without exception, every child under 3 years old must be supervised by their guardian.
• If parents leave the park and do not adhere to the pickup time, additional time will be charged.
• Entry of food and drinks except from Venture Trend Restaurants is prohibited (Except for events or birthdays). The guardian must notify if the child has any allergies or disabilities.
• For safety reasons, sliding headfirst down the slide, hanging from the nets, or any other inappropriate use is prohibited.
• Aggressive behaviour will result in expulsion from the park.
• We recommend using the restroom before entering the park.
• The Park is not responsible for any lost items.
• The Park has monitors; however, it is recommended that the guardian be present at all times.
• While the playground is designed and developed for safe entertainment, considering the high energy of children, incidents may occur. By entering, you accept this condition and risk for your child. (The company is not liable for any injuries).


• I acknowledge and understand that the use of Jungle Adventure facilities involves risk and, like any physical activity, carries inherent dangers.
• I understand that to enjoy Jungle Adventure facilities, it is mandatory to use them appropriately, adhering at all times to the general rules, which I declare to be aware of.
• I declare under my responsibility, as the user and/or guardian of the minor user, that none of the aforementioned individuals suffers from any illness, impairment, or condition that would prevent the proper use of Jungle Adventure  facilities, and/or I authorise my minor user to use them.
• By signing the registration labels, I release Jungle Adventure, its legal representatives, administrators, and employees from any injuries or personal damages that the user and/or guardian of the minor user may suffer, as well as any material damage, resulting from my participation in the children’s park or birthdays, and that is due to my fault or negligence.
• Additionally, I waive any legal action against Jungle Adventure, its legal representatives, administrators, and employees, for any injury or material or personal damage that may occur during my stay at Jungle Adventure facilities.
• I confirm that I have adequate insurance coverage that may cover possible damages caused to third parties.
• I have read carefully, understand, and fully accept its contents.
By signing the registration labels, I accept the privacy and data protection policies, the facilities’ regulations, and the rules for birthdays or events.